School Shootings NOT Issue of Mental Health

Democrats continue to try to blame guns for gun violence and school shootings. Actually, that’s not accurate. They use guns as the excuse in order to obtain their object of banning guns from private ownership.

When blaming guns doesn’t work, they turn to blaming mental health issues and call for spending millions more of our tax dollars on mental health work, but in reality, school shootings, mass shootings and most gun violence is NOT a mental health issue either.

The real blame needs to be place on ‘moral health’. America has a deadly epidemic of moral health disease and the disease is steadily killing our nation and our people.

( – The tele-experts assert that to do what he did—kill 10 and maim 13, at Santa Fe High School, in Texas—Dimitrios Pagourtzis had to be insane.

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Likewise, Nikolas Cruz—killer of 17 in Parkland, Florida—and many shooters before him: All were victims of mental disorder. Or, so say the experts.

Come to think of it, the structure of argument coming from conservative and progressive corners is the same:

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Conservatives blame mental health.

Progressives blame the National Rifle Association.

Both factions see the locus of responsibility for these murder sprees as beyond the reach and bailiwick of the individual and of what were once formative and corrective institutions: the church, for example…

Officials need to be asking why so many people want to harm so many others and its due to their not being taught any of the same moral values that were once taught in our schools. The violence is a direct result of a Godless education that teaches them that they are nothing than another animal who is more important than any other animal – survival of the fittest, strongest and baddest.




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