Sarah Sanders Compares Dealing with CNN’s Acosta to Dealing with her Young Kids

During my public speaking days, I learned quickly that many of the people who don’t hold the same view as you and know that they can’t out argue you will do their best to disrupt your speaking or try to make you look bad. I found that the best defense was a strong offense when I would challenge the to act like adults and if they didn’t like that, they were free to leave.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faces the same thing with some of the alleged reporters from the liberal mainstream media, especially Jim Acosta with CNN. When asked about Acosta and others like him in the White House briefings, Sanders said that having 3 children, 6 and younger, is a great preparation for dealing with Acosta as they all tend to whine a lot.

( – While the sheer hysteria of the leftist media has been an unfortunate sideshow to the successes of the Trump presidency, I’ll be the first to admit that it has been somewhat hilarious at times to witness.

The incredible meltdowns and mischief of the liberal left, especially with cameras and microphones pointed in their general direction have been insane to watch.  The way the mainstream media has been forced to cover a President who can usurp them at a moment’s notice via Twitter has completely eviscerated the way in which our politicos interact with one another and We The People.  In many ways, the immediacy in which the President can react to the world around him, publicly, is a game changer – and we should all be thankful for that.

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Of course, many are, instead, throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits the likes of which we have never seen before.  CNN’s Jim Acosta comes to mind first and foremost, as his antics within the White House Press Briefing room are quickly becoming a thing of legend…but not in a Wyatt Earp sort of way.  No, Acosta’s hijinks are far more akin to the infamous behavior of men such as Dennis Rodman, whose substance is far outweighed by their behavior, and who was never afraid of bad publicity…

What Sanders needs to do is have a toddler kit prepared just for Acosta and the next time he starts in like one of her kids, she needs to pull the kit out and show everyone what’s in it. Include training pants, pacifier, wipes, graham cracker, crayons, coloring book and sippy cup. She could even have a small blanket on the floor in the corner and she could point to it as suggest he take his things and go to his blankie and be a good boy. That would truly put Acosta in his place.




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