Rep Waters’ Latest Delusional Rant on Trump

Who needs Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert when voters have elected comedians like Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, both from California, the land of nuts, fruits and flakes.

Pelosi is usually good for a laugh with her many delusional ravings on how great she and Barack Obama are for the country.

However, lately, Waters seems to be ahead of Pelosi with her anti-Trump rants and delusions. As America’s economy is once again doing great, the lowest unemployment numbers in 18 years, a higher than expected GDP, rising home prices and more, Waters again went off on one of her comedic meltdowns claiming the country is doing terrible and at the verge of a constitutional crisis with Trump.

(The American Mirror) – “We’re almost at a constitutional crisis in the United States of America,” she said, before changing her declaration and saying, “We’re at a constitutional crisis because we’ve got a president, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

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“You know, some people think his antics sometimes are funny, sometimes cute, sometimes unusual. And to say, ‘Well, you know, he’s going to learn to become presidential,’” Waters said.

“That’s a lie!

“He’s never going to be presidential,” she declared, waving her glasses at the silent audience.

“He’s never going to be presidential because he does not respect the Constitution of the United States of America and he is no friend to organized labor,” she said, unable to provoke a response from the crowd…

Waters should have been more worried about a constitutional crisis during the 8 years of Obama when he repeatedly violated the Constitution, defied and bypassed Congress, defied the courts, lied to the American people, aided sworn enemies of the United States and chose which laws he wanted to enforce and which ones he didn’t. Obama was guilty of treason, perjury, obstructing justice, abuse of power and holding public office under false pretenses.




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