Reason to Boycott Cheesecake Factory

Starbucks is still getting heat after the incident a month ago where their staff asked two black men to leave when one of the men asked to use the restroom. The liberal media went ballistic making turning the incident in to a national one of racial bias.

What happened at a Cheesecake Factory involving another black man is no different and even worse but you haven’t heard anyone in the mainstream media turning it into a big news story and there is a very good reason.

When a black man wore a Make America Great Again hat into the Cheesecake Factory, most of the employees mocked, ridiculed and even physically threatened him because of his hate.

( – For anyone who has ever been out to a restaurant, I would think that a story like this would be almost unbelievable.

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Sadly, there are pictures, video, and witness statements proving that this actually occurred…

It all happened a few days ago at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in the Dadeland Mall in Miami, Florida. On Sunday night 22-year-old Eugenior Joseph went out to dinner with his girlfriend and her family, and made the mistake of wearing his red Make America Great Again (MAGA) cap.

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I say “made the mistake” because of what happened to him next.

A female employee of the restaurant noticed Joseph’s hat and began signaling her coworkers to come and see what she was seeing…

You can be assured that had this happened to anyone wearing an Obama or Clinton hat, the media would have been all over it but they didn’t bother mentioning it because the employees were obviously Trump-hating Democrats. Hopefully, word will get out and every conservative in the area should boycott Cheesecake Factory and hurt them where it counts – their profits.




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