Proof Gun Control is Not About Safety

You’ve all heard the same old rhetoric from the anti-gun Democrats and the mainstream media and now from thousands of ill-informed brainwashed high school kids that the need for more and stricter gun control laws is all about safety and saving lives. They want you to believe that passing more gun control laws will reduce violence.

Yet, most of the same people who regurgitate this rhetoric fail to see that many of the issues they support completely blows their argument that more gun control will make life safer. Consider the following issues that many anti-gun activists support and push:

They want to decriminalize many crimes. Barack Obama did this when he was squatting in the White House. He led the effort to remove many minor crimes involving illegal drugs. It doesn’t matter to them that some of these people victimize others in order to pay for their drugs. Not prosecuting them or putting them in jail places many people in harm’s way.

They want to legalize not only the medicinal use of marijuana but also the recreational use of marijuana. In states that have passed laws to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the number of emergency room visits and auto accidents have increased. Some people who were not used to using marijuana tried it and ended up killing themselves or someone else.

In one instance, a student jumped from a high balcony after trying marijuana for the first time. In the same state, a husband killed his wife while under the effects of marijuana, which he tried for the first time. Also in the same state, the number of marijuana related traffic deaths jumped by 32% in the first year of marijuana legalization.

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The same people who want more gun control to save lives are the same people who have been trying to protect illegal aliens and create sanctuary cities. Over the past nine years, there have been many reports of American citizens being victimized by illegal aliens and not all of them were committed by gang members that Obama allowed into the country.

How many American citizens have to be beaten, robbed, stabbed, strangled, sexually assaulted, raped and murdered? Kate Steinle would not have died in her father’s arms had it not been for San Francisco protecting the illegal alien who shot and killed her.

Marilyn Pharis was a 64-year-old US military veteran. She was sexually assaulted and then killed by two illegal aliens allowed to remain in the country by Obama’s lax immigration policies. They beat Pharis with a claw hammer then strangled her before raping her and leaving her for dead. She died several days later of her wounds.

The two illegals were identified as 29-year-old Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and 20-year-old Jose Fernando Villagomez. Ramirez had been previously arrested and charged with committing battery against a woman and possession of meth. In May 2014 he was placed on probation.

In 2014, an illegal shot and killed a convenience store clerk around the corner from where I used to live in Mesa, Arizona. The clerk was a young husband and father trying to provide for his family, but an impatient illegal changed all that, thanks to Obama and liberals who push for more gun control.

Far more people are killed and injured every year from auto accidents, alcohol and tobacco, and yet these anti-gun fanatics do little to reduce the dangers from any of these. If they really wanted to save people, they would focus on these other things which impact so many more lives than guns do. If they really cared about safety, they wouldn’t be involved in legalizing a drug that has proven to be more dangerous than they admit or protecting millions of illegal aliens, some of which are victimizing American citizens as you read this.

The entire push for gun control obviously has nothing to do with safety or reducing violence but has everything to do with their agenda of disarming the American people to make us all more vulnerable to criminals, including political criminals.




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