Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit for Right Kill Unborn Babies with Heart Beat

Planned Parenthood and every other abortion advocate cannot succinctly define when life begins. Many argue that a baby isn’t a human being or has any right to live until after it is born but that begs the question about babies taken early or through C-sections. Does life begin when the baby’s heart starts beating on its own?

Not according to Planned Parenthood who has filed a lawsuit challenging Iowa’s new law banning abortions once a baby’s heartbeat is detected. Since many developing babies have a heartbeat at six weeks, the law basically bans most abortions in the state and Planned Parenthood claims this is unconstitutional.

(Life News) – It looks like Planned Parenthood will be taking Iowa to court this week over its efforts to protect unborn babies from abortion.

The abortion chain and the American Civil Liberties Union announced a press conference for Tuesday afternoon where they are expected to announce a lawsuit challenging Iowa’s new heartbeat law, the AP reports.

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Signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds earlier this month, the law will require abortion practitioners to test for the unborn baby’s heartbeat before performing an abortion. If a heartbeat is detected, the abortion would be prohibited except in cases involving medical emergency, rape, incest or fetal abnormalities deemed to be “incompatible” with life.

Because an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable by about six weeks of pregnancy, the bill would prohibit almost all abortions in Iowa. It is the earliest abortion ban in the United States…

If infanticide, suicide, genocide and euthanasia are all illegal, then how can anyone justify legalizing abortion? One has to wonder if it would be possible for millions of conservative Americans to join forces in a class action lawsuit against the federal funding of Planned Parenthood? Other women’s health facilities who don’t provide abortions, so why should Planned Parenthood be funded with our taxpayer dollars?




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