Obama’s CIA Director Led Effort to Frame Trump

Have you ever heard that sometimes real life is stranger than fiction? What has taken place over the past 9 years is beyond what Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Michael Connelly, Dashiell Hammett, James Patterson, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King or Michael Creighton ever wrote about in their many who-done-it novels.

Some believe that Obama has been the mastermind and then others believe that he is only a puppet whose strings were pulled by some very powerful people.

Another puppet seems to be Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan, who, according to a former US attorney, was the mastermind behind the plot to frame President Donald Trump.

(The Political Insider) – Labeling it “the most unbelievable scandal in the history of this country,” former US attorney Joe DiGenova believes the effort to frame President Trump in a counterintelligence investigation was led by one man – Obama CIA Director, John Brennan.

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To be sure, the overall operation involved many top operatives according to DiGenova.

“What you have here is a criminal plot by senior people: John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, senior Department of Justice officials to suborn the presidency of the United States through the use of false evidence,” he charged.

Brennan, however, was the man who allegedly spearheaded the operation.

“It is quite obvious that John Brennan was at the head of the group of people who were going to create a counterintelligence investigation against Trump,” DiGenova believes, “by creating false information that was going to be fed through Carter Page, and fed through George Papadopoulos so that it would be picked up, reported back to Washington and provide the basis for … a fake, counterintelligence investigation.” …

DiGenova may think that Brennan masterminded the frame up of President Donald Trump but knowing that a group of very powerful and very wealthy people have orchestrated Obama’s sudden rise to power and his quest to destroy the America we all know and love, I can’t help but believe that Brennan was also a pawn, probably ordered by Obama who was ordered by who knows.




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