Obama Spy in Trump Campaign Paid Big Money

When you don’t care about taxpayers and no conscious about spending taxpayer money, you can do almost anything you want and that’s exactly what the Obama administration was doing. They paid no attention to the US Constitution, federal laws, Congress, the courts nor the American people. They repeatedly lied to everyone and proved that none of them can be trusted.

They lied about spying on Donald Trump and his campaign but were proven wrong. They planted a mole in the Trump campaign and lied about it.

Not only is there evidence to support the charge of a mole being present but now we are learning that mole was paid big money for his espionage.

(Constitution.com) – In one of the most stunning revelations of 2018, President Trump has rightfully declared actions taken by former President Barack Obama as “bigger than Watergate”…and we are only now beginning to see the forest for the trees in this situation.

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During the tumultuous election of 2016, soon-to-be President Donald Trump was assailed by democratic diva Hillary Clinton on the subject of Russia starting in September – just two months prior to the big day.  These assertions seemed to come out of left field for the desperate former Secretary of State, who was battling a number of damaging leaks from within her own campaign and steadily slipping in the polls.

The #RussiaGate movement was born, and it took only a few weeks for Clinton and her cronies to transform their theory into a wild conspiracy-laden fairy tale that purported, in no uncertain terms, that Donald Trump was somehow being controlled and assisted by the Russian government…

If you recall, the Watergate scandal resulted in the only resignation of an American president and many are saying that espionage scandal involving the Obama administration and his FBI is much bigger than Watergate. Some of those involved in Watergate went to prison as should those involved in whatever they are calling the current Obama administration scandal.




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