Obama Responsible for String of Military Plane Crashes

Some years back, an Air Force captain attended our church and we knew him pretty well. At the time, he had transitioned from a fighter pilot to a flight instructor, stationed at the nearby training, which Bill Clinton eventually shut down and closed. After experiencing a minor mechanical problem that forced him to land early, be became paranoid about flying so much so that he resigned his commission. This is what he told me:

“When your car has mechanical problems, you can either pull over to the side of the road or your just stops moving. Depending on where your car is, it’s usually not a fatal situation.”

“When an airplane has some sort of mechanical problem, there is no side of the road to over to and if it stops, you fall from the sky and die.”

On Wednesday, the memory of that conversation came back to me as I watched the video footage of a C-130 military cargo plane from the Puerto Rican Air National Guard fall from the sky onto Highway 21 in Port Wentworth, George. The nine crew members on board were killed instantly. Watching the video, I couldn’t imagine what was going through minds of the 9 crew members when their plane suddenly fell from the sky. They only had seconds to think but those seconds probably seemed a lot longer as they knew they were about to die.

The plane in question had been built between 40-50 years and had seen a lot of service. It was used to bring relief supplies to the citizens of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria nearly destroyed the entire island. The plane was en route on its last flight, as it was being retired in Arizona.

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This crash has brought more concern to many as the number of military aircraft accidents have increased by 40% since 2013. So far this year alone, over two dozen military personnel have been killed in aircraft accidents.

Why is this happening is a question that many are asking but there may be an underlying reason that no one really wants to talk about but should be talking about.

Think back 5 years ago to 2013. Remember Obama’s infamous Sequestration? This led to a reduction in military spending of at least $147 billion in past 5 years. The reduced budget resulted in cuts to maintenance of military aircraft and cuts in training of pilots and aircraft mechanics. While maintenance and training were being cut, military aircraft were in high demand and used for different operations including the fight against ISIS.

Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White stated:

“You can’t buy the time back. You can’t buy the training hours back.”

In other words, the relentless war that Obama waged against the military and his push to weaken the military is coming at a high cost of not only the loss of aircraft but also the loss of military lives that shouldn’t be lost.

Each military aircraft accident, many of which were minor, seem to all have different causes BUT they all have one thing in common – they have not been maintained as they should nor have the pilots and mechanics been trained as they should and that is all due to Barack Obama’s Sequestration and military budget cuts year after year.

If anyone wants to point a finger of blame for the death of the 9 crew members killed in Wednesday’s tragic crash, the finger needs to point straight at Barack Obama!



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