NY Dem Attorney General Resigns After Me Too Hypocrisy Revealed

Eric Schneiderman and Bill Clinton have something in common. They both claim to be champions of women’s rights and both have been proven to be hypocrites because of their treatment of women. Bill Clinton couldn’t his personal male attributes contained inside his pants while in the Oval Office and it seems now that New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had his own personal problems with women.

Schneiderman was a loud vocal supporter of the Me Too movement and the first person to take legal action against harry Weinstein but now faces his own allegations, forcing him to resign from one of the most powerful state political offices in the nation.

(Fox News) – Democrats hoped Eric Schneiderman could bring down President Trump, but it was the crusading New York attorney general himself whose career is now in tatters, after stunning revelations Monday of bad behavior and hypocrisy that have Republicans gloating.

Schneiderman quickly picked up a high-profile reputation in the Trump era for his legal pushback and acerbic criticism of some of Trump’s top agenda items. He was hailed as an icon of the #Resistance by the anti-Trump left and gushing profiles by media outlets.

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With the rise of the #MeToo movement, pushing back against sexual harassment of women, Schneiderman also became a key figure in the growing crusade. Not only did he use his authority to take legal action against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, he has been outspoken in the push for a “critical national reckoning” about the harassment of women…

When Donald Trump and Roy Moore faced allegations, many of them were made by vengeful liberals out to destroy their political careers but in the case of Schneiderman, the allegations were made by his own employees and staff, not by political opponents, which tends to lead to more credibility for those allegations.




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