Did Mueller Intentionally Leak Trump Questions to Media?

Ever since first taking office, President Donald Trump and his administration has been plagued with leaks to the media. Many of those leaks came from loyal Democrats still working in the government and many others are still unknown as who leaked them.

Some are wondering if the latest leak came from Special Counsel Robert Mueller or a member of his investigation. Not long after the questions were presented to Trump’s attorneys, someone leaked them to the New York Times, a news outlet that has a history of hating Trump and even publishing some fake news stories just to smear him.

(Fox News) – A lengthy list of questions for President Trump from special counsel Robert Mueller was leaked to The New York Times, marking the latest in a string of apparently deliberate disclosures relating to the ongoing probe into Russian involvement in the U.S. presidential election.

Fox News has since obtained the questions, which cover Trump’s interactions with key figures like former FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

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The Times called some of the questions “tantalizing” and suggested they reveal that Mueller may have uncovered pre-election outreach by Trump’s campaign to Russian officials.

The questions cover Trump’s motivations for firing Comey a year ago, as well as his reaction to Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation…

One has to wonder what would happen if it was proven that Mueller or his team did leak the questions to the media??? Could criminal charges be filed against the person or persons who leaked the questions or against the New York Times for publishing them? Could it be understood as an obstruction of justice?




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