Mueller Caught Indicting Russian Company that Didn’t Exist

Has Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s arrogance and pride gotten the best of him and causing his own downfall? Many believe it has and that Mueller is on the verge of being the first major casualty of his own investigation.

It was recently revealed that when he indicted a bunch of Russians and some Russian companies that he fully expected them to roll over and cooperate or plead guilty as many others have. However, that is not the case as some are legally fighting back, which is forcing Mueller into court cases that will force him to reveal more about his tactics than he wants known.

To add to Mueller’s growing problems is the news that one of the Russian companies he indicted doesn’t even exist.

( – As we continent be bludgeoned with a steady stream of information, some true, some not, we begin to lose perspective on the big picture.

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That is definitely not a mistake or an unintended consequence of the leftist political media.  This is a wholly purposeful tactic that is useful for the mainstream media in order to keep us both placated and overwhelmed simultaneously.  They create content that we cannot look away from, while filling our heads with their own interpretations of whatever images they choose to show us.  The format is nothing more than weaponized information and disinformation designed to keep us on the edge of our seats, but still without absolution.

Such is the case with Robert Mueller’s increasingly unkempt #RussiaGate investigation, in which the Special Counsel is attempting to find some way to help the democrats delegitimize President Trump’s electoral evisceration of Hillary Clinton.

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What began with the cockamamy and bizarre theory that Donald Trump was somehow a Russian asset assigned to become the President of the United States with Vladimir Putin’s help is so unbelievable that the left has been forced to divert a river of information into our homes in order to cover up the absurdity of it all…

In the year that Mueller has been Special Counsel, he has built a huge house of cards as he continues to pursue his agenda of taking down President Donald Trump. However, like many house of cards, those cards eventually come crashing down and it appears that the winds are turning against Mueller his house of cards is about to tumble down all around him.




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