Mueller Accused of Helping to Frame Innocent Man of Murdering Pregnant Wife & Daughters

In 1970, an Army doctor reported that this pregnant wife and two young daughters had been stabbed to death. The doctor’s name was Jeffrey MacDonald. He told investigators that three male intruders, two black and one white, along with a white female had entered his home He was attacked as was his wife and daughters.

MacDonald was charged with the crime, even though a colonel at Fort Bragg issued a statement that the charges were not true and should be dismissed but they weren’t and MacDonald was convicted of the murders.

A Boston attorney involved in the Macdonald case is now claiming that Robert Mueller, then working with the FBI helped orchestrate the framing of MacDonald so that he would be convicted of the brutal crime.

(Big League Politics) – Boston criminal defense attorney Harvey Silverglate spoke with Big League Politics about Mueller, pointing us to a series of essays that he wrote for WGBH about his years of interactions with the special counsel in the President Donald Trump “Russia” case.

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Mueller fought to cover up astonishing revelations of new evidence in the famous case of Jeffrey MacDonald, the Fort Bragg army doctor convicted for the murder of his wife and children in 1970. MacDonald was convicted in 1979 but many people still believe he didn’t do it — and he maintains his innocence himself.

Astute insiders — including those who were at Fort Bragg at the time of the murder — point to the massive Vietnam War-era drug commotion that was present within the Army, particularly by soldiers returning home for war, and believe that MacDonald was either caught up in it or simply knew too much.

MacDonald himself claims that the drug culture led to his family’s murder, and that he merely crossed the wrong people at the wrong time…

Don’t forget that in 2010, Mueller was Director of the FBI for Obama when the FBI issued their report on the Uranium One Deal, brought to their attention by a whistleblower. The investigation clearly showed that members of the Obama administration, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were involved in the uranium deal which also involved money laundering bribery and more but no one then heard about it because Mueller obviously buried the report.




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