Mueller Accused of Financially Breaking As Many Trump People as Possible

Michael Caputo is a political and media consultant who has worked on several high-profile campaigns including former Rep. Jack Kemp and former President George H.W. Bush. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Caputo became part of the Trump campaign, serving as an adviser and in charge of communications for the state of New York. Before working on the Trump campaign, Caputo’s company had employees in Florida and Moscow, Russia.

Consequently, he was questioned about ties with Russia by the House Permanent Select Committee who found no wrong doing. He was also interviewed by the Mueller team and after his interview, he reported that Mueller’s people had ZERO evidence of any collusion between Trump, his campaign and Russia involving the 2016 election.

(Fox Insider) – A former adviser for President Trump’s 2016 campaign who was interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators expressed skepticism about the collusion case.

Michael Caputo was interviewed by Mueller’s team last week, and he told Bill Hemmer Monday that none of the collusion questions he was asked had to do with the president.

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“They don’t have anything new,” Caputo said. “What they thought might be new is not even factual.”

“There is no Russian collusion on the Trump campaign, there never was, and I don’t think the Mueller team has anything.”

Caputo says that one of the objects of the Mueller investigative team is to threaten numerous people and force them to go into financial ruin in order to pay for legal fees to defend themselves against no real charges. He says Mueller’s motive is to financially break everyone who is remotely connected to Trump, even if they are completely innocent of anything.




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