Midterm Dem Blue Wave Now Just a Ripple

At the beginning of January, it appeared that Democrats had a huge lead in most national polls that were looking to the midterm elections in January. The mass exodus of Republicans has left many doors open that Democrats were hoping to close. The tide of advantage at the time looked like a huge wave of blue about to sweep over the red shores of Congress.

However, that huge blue wave has been steadily getting smaller and smaller and is now nothing more than a blue ripple. The loss of voter enthusiasm for Democrats can be attributed to the fact that more Americans are working and bringing home more money than before and Democrats want to put an end to that by removing all of the tax cuts for the businesses employing millions of Americans.

(Constitution.com) – The Democrat Party and its lapdogs in the national media have been assuring the nation that the Democrats are a can’t-lose bet for retaking the House and maybe even the Senate in the coming midterm elections. But, a recent poll sows that the big Democrat advantage is already dwindling –at least among millennials — months before campaigning even gets serious.

The poll is doubly shocking in that the millennials are even starting to lean to the Republican Party, especially because of the Republican Party’s stewardship of the economy… you know, the economy that was in the dumper for the entire time that the Democrats and Obama were in charge.

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Yeah, that one.

The story comes from foreign wire service, Reuters:

Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among millennials as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll…

Another reason for the loss of enthusiasm among millennials could also be attributed to the dozens and dozens of reports revealing the degree of corruption and collusion within the tops ranks of the Democratic Party. They are starting to hear the truth about Clinton, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Holder, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan and so many others that they are turning away.




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