McCain Claims Responsibility for What Led to Mueller Investigation

Some people have described Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as a maverick but I prefer to refer to him as a converted Democrat in Republican disguise. To be honest, I’m not sure America would have been that much better off had McCain defeated Barack Obama in 2008.

Many feel pity for him as he is suffering from an incurable brain tumor and some may offer his tumor as an excuse for some of his current behavior but some of that behavior was beginning to show long before the tumor.

In his upcoming book, McCain claims that he was the one who handed a copy of the Christopher Steele written dossier on Trump, to then FBI Director James Comey. Yes, this is the same dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC and has been largely proven to be false but which led to the FISA warrant to spy on Trump Tower and the current Special Counsel investigation.

( – John McCain had earlier staked out a reputation for himself as a “maverick”.  Well, maybe “staked out” isn’t the proper verbiage here…

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John McCain meticulously cultivated a reputation as being a “maverick” during his time as a republican presidential candidate back in 2008.  In reality, the “maverick” designation was simply a semantics lesson for the GOP, who watched McCain’s campaign flourish briefly under the guise of a distinguished republican ticket before turning absurd with the addition of Sarah Palin and the media circus around her.

McCain, who was most famous for his propaganda recordings during the Vietnam war.

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Former Fox News military analyst Thomas McInerney on Thursday condemned Sen. John McCain‘s (R-Ariz.) rebuke of President Trump‘s CIA director nominee Gina Haspel, saying that torture “worked on” McCain, whom he referred to as “Songbird John.” …

When Donald Trump launched his campaign, McCain instantly attacked him for not being a qualified politician forgetting that Obama wasn’t qualified either. McCain claims to be a patriotic American and yet he has systematically criticized every attempt Trump has made to restore American patriotism, pride and greatness.




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