Liberals Get History Wrong when Attacking Trump Supporter Kanye West

To Democrats and the mainstream media, there can only be one thing that is worse than Donald Trump and that is a black American who publicly supports and defends Trump. Kanye West is one of those black Americans who has been defending Trump and telling the truth about history, something else Democrats can’t stand – the truth, especially when the truth shows their errors.

West reminded black Americans that it was the Republicans who freed the slaves and eventually allowed them to vote.

His liberal attackers are trying to say West is wrong and that it was Democrats who fought for the blacks. The only blacks that Democrats ever fought for were the slaves and the right to keep them slaves.

( – In recent days, Kanye West has been all over the news. His support for President Trump, his exhortation for all Americans to “think freely,” and his most recent comments about black America focusing on the past and keeping themselves enslaved have all caused major waves in the culture and media.

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The left and the media have chosen to attack Kanye for his thoughts and comments.

When Kanye reminded everyone that it was Republicans who freed the slaves and fought to give them a voice during the Reconstruction era after the Civil War, his friend and music superstar John Legend told him that it was Democrats who fought for blacks during the mid-20th century. (This is blatantly false.)

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Then CNN host Don Lemon jumped in and argued that Kanye should stop talking and “pick up a history book”…

Ever wonder why much of the American history that was taught in schools 50-60 years ago is no longer taught? This is why. The true history of America does not support the anti-American agenda of the Democrats, or should I say, socialists, because that is what they are in policy and ideology. Then, a lot of the history they do teach has been twisted, mangled, distorted and falsified so as to brainwash kids into hating America and everything that made America  the great nation it once was.




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