Liberalism About to Financially Destroy States

If you or I had a habit of spending way beyond our income, we are eventually faced with having to pay the bills, file bankruptcy or go to jail. For some reason, Democrats do not believe that being fiscally responsible isn’t the way things are run at city, county, state or federal government levels. They continue to try to tax the people more and more and spend more and more, however, their spending continues to far exceed their income but they continue to borrow and spend.

After years of believing the blank checks will never end, they are finding that they are ending and it’s beginning to result in the financial crumbling of Democratic (liberal or ‘blue’ politic) run governments.

( – Conservatives have been warning for decades that rapacious government spending and never-ending tax hikes will drive governments — whether local, state, or federal — into bankruptcy.

That hasn’t happened (yet) despite the decades of predictions. But some now say that President Donald Trump’s amazing tax cuts are about to put that final nail in the blue states’ coffin.

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The conservative claim only makes sense. If you put it on a personal level, without fiscal responsibility no one can keep spending money they don’t have. Eventually the credit will run out, the bills will come due, and financial disaster will result. For us reg’lar folks, the form of that disaster can even mean jail time.

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Liberals, of course, say that this idea is stupid. Government can’t go bankrupt because everything works by compulsion. All government has to say is jump and everyone must ask how high? Government is forever, you see?

If it hadn’t been for the election of Donald Trump and enough responsible conservative Republicans, the federal government would be on the verge of financial collapse, just like so many states and local governments are. Hopefully, this crumbling will take place soon and drive more Americans to elect Republicans this November.




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