Liberal Media Network Launches Desperation Tour to Regain Lost Audience

Ten years ago, it seemed that liberals were taking over America and that everything decent about our country was lost forever. The mainstream media had gone over to the dark side of liberalism and socialism decades earlier and in 2008 it appeared that voters had succumbed to the lies and deceptions of the Democrats.

A little-known Democrat with little experience suddenly rose to power and managed to steal the presidential election without ever proving he was eligible to run for the office. The House and Senate had also been taken over by Democrats and the mainstream media was having a field day, pounding their chests in victory like a male gorilla and broadcasting their annoying news like the cacophony of noise from a bunch of howler monkeys.

Two years later, there was a sign that not all was lost in America as voters began voting for more conservatives, allowing Republicans to regain control of the House but didn’t seem to deter the mainstream media.

Many hoped that conservative momentum would carry over in 2012 and it could have had the Republicans put forth a decent candidate to oppose Obama but they didn’t and Obama was re-elected. The mainstream media crowed loud and clear like a rooster in a yard full of chickens, letting everyone know he was in charge.

In 2014, new hope for conservatives who love America and didn’t want to see it further destroyed by the Democrats, when they returned control of the Senate over to Republicans. For the next two years, Republicans and in the House and Senate tried to do the right thing for our nation and the people but Obama blocked most of their efforts and the mainstream media fed on Obama’s defiance.

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However, cracks began to develop in some of the mainstream media networks as they were losing viewers and readers. It really grated on them to hear that more conservative Fox News was growing in popularity as their support continued to wane.

The mainstream media wagered their futures on a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016 but that didn’t happen either. The mainstream media reacted to Republicans being in control of the White House, Senate and House like they had acid poured on them. They writhed, screamed and resorted to every tactic they could think of, including using fake news to destroy the conservative momentum but their ratings continued to fall.

As more Americans are realizing the dangers of the Democrats, they are also turning away from the media networks that had become nothing more than propaganda outlets for the Democrats. Networks like NBC have seen such a decline that they are turning to desperate measures in hopes of regaining supporters and staying in business.

Over the past year, NBC has been also rocked by sexual scandals involving headline news anchors Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw. Combined with the sex scandals, many viewers are growing tired of NBC’s constant anti-Trump bias, especially with the economy looking up, unemployment way down and people taking home more money, and are leaving the network. NBC used to be number 1 for evening news but they have dropped to second behind ABC and will likely fall to third behind CBS.

NBC has launched what they are calling the NBC Nightly News: Across America. They plan on traveling to a number of cities across the nation – most of which are run by their Democrat friends.

However, inside the hallowed halls of NBC, some are referring to this as the Desperation Tour.

Curtis Houck, an analyst with Media Research Center commented about what’s happening at NBC, saying:

“When back at home base, everything’s kind of in flames right now.”

Houck also said that all of the ‘Big 3’ networks – NBC, ABC and CBS are hurting. He attributes it to viewers having more choices, the internet, social media and being tired of the Trump bashing.

Wouldn’t it be great if all three of the top Trump and America hating networks went down in flames?



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