Latest Mueller Key Witness is Convicted Pedophile

In any investigation or court hearing, the credibility of witnesses is always a key issue. If a defending attorney can bring question as to the credibility of a witness against his or her client, it could make the difference between a verdict of guilt or innocence.

One has to question the credibility of Mueller’s latest star witness, George Nadar, who happens to have a long association with federal government but who also happens to be a convicted pedophile. On one instance, he was caught with video footage of young boys engaged in sex acts and in another, a search of his home resulted in the discovery of child pornography.

(Liberty Nation) – In Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest addition to the ever-expanding Russian Collusion investigation, the latest piece of the puzzle is a meeting that took place between Don Jr. in early 2016 and an “emissary” of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, George Nader. It is alleged that the two met in Trump Tower where the Trump Campaign was offered support and help in winning the presidency.

Yet what is not being reported is that Nadar is a convicted pedophile with long-standing ties to the U.S. government. Can I hear the word “leverage” being whispered in the corridors of power?

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This new spark of hope for the waning Russia investigation has “stunningly authentic contacts,” according to Aaron David Miller, the director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He mentions that Nader has long been involved in diplomatic relations between Middle Eastern nations:…

Mueller’s investigation was supposed to be centered around Russia and Russian election interference, so why is he pursuing a trail that leads to the Saudi royal family?

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted asking when will this witch hunt end, showing his growing frustration. After a year, Mueller should either declare he has or has not found evidence linking Trump to any Russian election interference so that the government can move on and get down to business.




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