John Kerry Caught Trying to Undermine Trump on Iran Deal

In the 2015, most experts were saying that the Iran nuclear deal being brokered by the Secretary of State John Kerry and the White House Usurper Barack Obama was a horrible deal especially for the United States and Israel. Israel said the deal would give Iran the ability to destroy Israel sooner but Kerry and Obama were hell bent on their deal with would only benefit Iran so they eagerly singed it.

President Donald Trump, like many more intelligent people, realize what a horrible deal it was and that Iran has not fully lived up to their part of the deal, so he is vowing to end it. Consequently, John Kerry has been caught trying to salvage his ill-advised deal in an apparent effort to further undermine the Trump presidency.

( – In America these days, we are learning that 8 years of democratic debauchery is enough to keep any next President busy for the foreseeable future, but Donald Trump really is making quick work of it.

Let’s be honest:  Trump inherited a mess the likes of which we may never see again in our lifetimes.  The liberal left was so wholly enamored in the character that Barack Obama played, that they paid no mind to the policies of the anti-gun globalist.  Obama essentially had a free pass to galavant about the world as he pleased, diplomatically selling the American people up the river.

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When you apply the left’s ancient rule of “when they give us an inch, we’ll take a mile”, and you end up in a political quagmire more suffocating than any old-timey quicksand pit in a jungle movie.

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So Trump has been hard at work dismantling the democratic deity’s doings for over a year now, and has been making some serious progress.

Kerry’s attempts to salvage his Iranian nuclear deal may just land the former Secretary of State in jail, since his actions have been viewed by some to be a violation of the Logan Act, which forbid US citizens from dealing privately with foreign governments ‘with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government’ or ‘to defeat the measures of the United States’. He should be arrested, charged, tried and put in jail with another American citizen who has done the same thing, only with North Korea – Dennis Rodman.




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