Homeschoolers Defeat Intrusive Bill in California

Democrats have long been against homeschooling and have tried numerous methods to make homeschooling too difficult for many families. They hate homeschooling because it doesn’t give the socialist public schools a chance to brainwash the kids and many homeschoolers are very conservative which is something Democrats can’t tolerate.

A Democrat lawmaker in California proposed a bill that would have been very intrusive into the homes of homeschoolers, placing them under a number of state regulations that could be used to shut them down and force the kids into public schools.

However, homeschoolers gathered en masse at the state capital in Sacramento and ended up defeating the bill.

(New American) –  Don’t mess with homeschoolers: That’s the lesson California lawmakers, like their counterparts in Hawaii, learned last week when hundreds of homeschoolers and their allies descended upon Sacramento in opposition to intrusive legislation — and won.

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At issue was a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Jose Medina, a Democrat, that “would have categorized the type of school on a form filed by private educators. One of the categories was homeschools. The state considers homeschools as private schools when it comes to state regulation,” reported GVWire.

According to The Desert Review, Medina’s bill originally would have required local fire marshals to inspect the abodes of homeschooling families, a provision that was deleted in part because “firefighters objected to this sweeping new job requirement.” Then the bill was amended to “mandate state disclosure of the names and addresses of homeschool families.” Opposition continued to mount, and just before last Wednesday’s education committee hearing on the bill, Medina removed that provision, though he “insisted that the state needed to gather more data on homeschoolers.” …

Democrats have gone to extremes to fight against homeschooling. Obama and his DOJ tried to deport a German homeschooling family who were initially granted asylum here in the US due to being persecuted in Germany for their homeschooling. Obama spent thousands of dollars trying to deport this one family while opening the border to so many illegal aliens and Islamic refugees and immigrants.




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