Gun Free London Sees 44% Increase in Murders

What is the mantra being chanted in America at the moment? We need more gun control! We need to ban guns like England and Australia to stop mass shootings and violence!

It’s an old story but when you look at the places in the US with some of the strictest gun control laws now, they are among the nation’s leaders in gun violence and homicides.

Baltimore has very strict gun control laws and yet they have been dubbed the homicide capital of the nation.

Los Angeles has strict gun control laws and the state of California continues to pass more and more gun control laws and yet Los Angeles is in the top five cities for gun violence and homicides. In the past 12 months, the City of Angels has reported nearly 600 killed, and that doesn’t list the total number of shootings.

Let’s not forget Chicago. Between the city, Cook County and Illinois, the Windy City has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and like Los Angeles and Baltimore, the city ranks in the top five for homicides. As of May 20, 2018, 935 people have been shot in Chicago and city leaders are happy because that’s 326 fewer in the same time period as in 2017, which saw 1,261 people shot by May 20 and in 2016, the total shot by May 20 was 1,370. However, they fear the worst is yet to come as traditionally, shootings in Chicago peak during the summer months with occurring in the evenings, nights and weekends.

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The rate may be going down but it’s still very high, especially for a location with such strict gun control laws on the books.

So, what about Australia and England?

Just last week, reports from Australia spoke about the mass shooting of 7 people. they believe it to be a murder suicide but still, in a nation that has a ban on most private gun ownership for over 30 years, a mass shooting of any kind is big news.

Next, we turn to England. Yes, they have banned most private gun ownership for many years. Many police don’t carry a gun. What a great model for America to follow. The same people using England as an example for their call to ban guns also used England as an example of a nationalized healthcare system to follow but that system is having major problems. Due to ever rising costs, British citizens are having to pay more in taxes and they are receiving less coverage in the national healthcare. When they do have coverage, they have to wait months just to have many procedures (our friend in England had to wait 7 months for gall bladder surgery).

England’s ban on guns may have slowed down the number of mass shootings but it hasn’t done anything to lower the murder rate. In fact, the murder rate in London is skyrocketing along with many other crimes:

“Figures released by the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee showing the number of crimes in the year to March 2018 revealed the murder rate surged 44 per cent in 2017/18 to 157, compared with 109 in the previous 12 months.”

“Violent robbery and home burglary were up by about a third in the period, and youth killings rose by 30 per cent from 26 in 2016/17 to 34 in 2017/18.”

“The figures also showed sharp increases in the number of rapes (18 per cent), knife crime offences (21 per cent), and shootings (23 per cent) from the previous year’s data.”

Disarming the British people has not reduced crime or murders but have made the people more vulnerable to being victims of crimes, just like in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles. The American people need to wake up and look at the facts, which prove that strict gun control and gun bans don’t make things better but they make them worse and life more dangerous.



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