Gore Tells Commencement Crowd Trump Presidency Should be Terminated

One of the really sad things in today’s America is seeing famous people who have lost all credibility but still think they are someone special who should be listened to.

One of those that fit that description is former Vice President Al Gore. Don’t forget that he once claimed that proof of evolution comes from the fact that the salt content in our blood is the same as that of the ocean. He also claimed to have invented the internet.

Over the weekend, Gore spoke at the commencement at the University of Maryland, where, instead of trying to uplift the graduates, near the end of his long speech, he told them that the Trump presidency should be terminated for ethical reasons.

(The Daily Wire) – Fear the turtle.

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Indeed. Al Gore (who we’ve always thought looks a bit like a turtle) was the guest speaker on Sunday at the University of Maryland’s commencement ceremony in College Park, Md., (where the Terrapin is the mascot) And while most commencement speakers paint an optimistic picture for the graduating class, you know, buck them up after four long years of work as they prepare to go forth into the world, Gore decided to go dark.

One might say Gore rained on their parade (get it? He’s the weather guy).

Twenty minutes into his 22-minute speech, Gore just couldn’t help himself.

“And I get it,” he told the packed crowd of 7,500. “There are — I know — a great many supporters of President Trump,” Gore said as whoops and cheers from the supporters rained down. “I do understand that. As one of his supporters put it on television, he said, ‘The way I look at it, Donald Trump is chemotherapy for America.’ …

When Gore was still a senator, he represented the US at a UN Earth Summit conference where he signed every resolution presented including one that would give the UN complete power and authority over all US land. The resolution would have allowed the Un to dictate who lives on what piece of land. Fortunately, enough other nations refused to sign the resolution and the US Senate would never have ratified it but that’s what Gore wants – a one world government run by the United Nations.




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