Federal Judge Denies Mueller Request in Arraignment of Russian Business

Robert Mueller was originally tasked with investigating the claims of Russian election interference and any possible connection to the Trump campaign. Many claim that Mueller has stepped well beyond his initial scope of power and they are calling for an end to the special counsel investigation because after 11 months, he has yet to produce any evidence against Donald Trump or his campaign.

Friday, Mueller’s team appeared in a federal court asking that the arraignment of a Russian business be postponed because Russia had refused to serve notice to the business but a federal judge refused the Mueller team’s request, which amounts to the second court failure for the team in the past week.

(Sparta Report) – Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on Friday asked a district court judge in Washington D.C. to postpone the arraignment of a Russian business that Mueller’s team accused of funding Russian objectives to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. The office of the special counsel stated that they believed that the Russian business was not “properly served” after the Russians declined to serve them.

After the empaneled grand jury delivered Mueller’s indictments in February, which included three Russian business entities and thirteen Russian individuals. The indictments alleged that several defendants “conspired to commit wire and bank fraud and committed aggravated identity theft,” as well as “victimizing” federal agencies in their “conspiracy.”

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A federal judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia assigned to the case issued summonses for the accused in response to the indictments. The United States government delivered the request to the Russian Office of the Prosecutor General…

Mueller should be the subject of another special counsel investigation for his crimes against the American people. As Director of the FBI, he buried the initial FBI investigative report into the Uranium One Deal and he should have recused himself from the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference with his connection with the Uranium One Deal. During his current special investigation, he has lied, overstepped his power and authority and, although he has denied it, he is definitely determined to take down President Donald Trump and was accused of such by a federal judge last week.




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