Even CNN Worried Dems Will Lose Midterms

CNN is by far the most liberal, pro-Democrat and Trump-hating news network in the nation and even they are getting worried that Democrats will not be able to win enough midterm elections to change who controls the House or Senate.

Democrats have been trying to get the general population worked up with their constant Trump bashing but even a panel from CNN is concerned that what Democrats are offering will not rally voters but instead turn the away in this year’s midterms.

The CNN panel is trying to tell Dems to stop the Trump bashing and concentrate more on issues.

(Canadian Free Press) – We’ve talked quite a bit about the alleged “blue wave.” Democrats claim the 2018 midterms are going to be swamped by a massive left-wing tsunami that will wash Republicans out to a very unfriendly sea.  Republicans, so far, have been content to shrug and say: “put up or shut up.”

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However, the last few weeks have offered some indication that the blue wave may – like the notion that Hillary could win in 2016 – be nothing more than a Dem-promulgated fairy tale.  Trump’s poll numbers are on the way up, the Dems’ generic ballot advantage is narrowing, and their constant hate-Trump drumbeat has done nothing but make his rabid detractors even more rabid.

That rage-fueled enthusiasm could turn into a massive 2018 turnout, or it could fizzle.  And – as this CNN panel notes – Democrats are getting increasingly worried that it’s to be the latter…

So, what are the issues? It seems that the two biggest issues for Democrats are killing the Republican tax cuts and passing more gun control. Even a lot of Democrats are hunters and people who value their gun rights and it should be obvious that the tax cuts are what’s putting more people to work and helping them take more money home. Basically, the Democratic platform is raising taxes and more gun control.




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