Environmental Whackos Sue for River’s Rights

I’ve had dealings with environmental extremists in the past and can say that those that I dealt with had NO sense of reality or valid science. They failed to understand that a given amount of land can only support so many animals and when that number is exceeded, as many as two-thirds to three-quarters of all of the animals on the land end up dying from starvation and/or disease. They refused accept that proper management is necessary to insure the health and survival of the populations.

Now it seems that some environmentalists have turned their attention to bodies of water and want to give them the same legal rights as people.

(Constitution.com) – Liberalism can no longer be treated as a serious ideology. Nor can it be thought of in any way at all as an American one.

It also isn’t sane and as proof, the left’s latest gambit is to force its way on the nation via the courts by giving “human rights” to lakes, rivers, and streams so liberals can force “the law” to their radical environazi agenda.

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The latest idiocy was revealed in an article entitled, “Can Rivers Be People Too?,” published on May 9 by the risible left-wing rag, The New Republic.

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The long answer to that question is “no.”

This crazy idea started last year when a group of environazis filed a nuisance lawsuit claiming that the state of Colorado had violated the Colorado River’s “right to flourish and regenerate.” …

These are the same type of people who want to give rights to apes and monkeys but deny the same rights to human babies before they are born. They go to court to fight for the rights of a river and for the right to murder unborn children, proving that they have no sense of right and wrong and have warped values.




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