DOJ & FBI Super Redacted Russia Report

Members of Congress have been requesting and demanding a number of documents from the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning their investigations in to Russia and the 2016 elections. The few documents that trickled down to them were heavily redacted.

Last week, President Donald Trump threatened to take action against the DOJ if they didn’t provide the documents to Congress but when many of those documents were finally handed over, they were also heavily redacted.

The redactions, however, seemed to be an attempt to coverup for NOT Trump but for the others not associated with him or the Republicans.

(Geller Report) – The Department of Justice and FBI have just been caught red-handed in some outrageous acts of cover-up, via the Russia report agents with these departments released just recently.

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Basically, the redactions show it’s not President Donald Trump was guilty of any wrongdoing with Russia during election season. The fingers of blame point more inward, at the Deep State types who’ve been so angry about this president’s White House win.

The feds basically say the American public has no right to know anything about U.S. intelligence operations — that the American people should simply shut up and trust the government.

But it’s that attitude that only raises red flags and makes a good patriot wonder: Just what are these people trying to hide, anyway? …

Apparently, there are still anti-Trump staff within the FBI and DOJ who were responsible for redacting the documents sent to members of Congress and it appears that the redactions were not meant to protect Trump but to protect his opponents in the 2016 election.




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