Difference Between a US President and a US Traitor

Americans being held as prisoners or hostages, dates back to the very beginning of the United States when the British captured a number of colonists fighting for independence. Likewise, the American troops captured a number of British troops. When the Revolutionary War ended, both sides released their prisoners.

When the American Civil War ended, prisoners held by the Union and Confederacy were released. No matter how brutal, vicious and uncivilized war is, there has generally been the civilized release of prisoners held by all parties.

That changed with the Vietnam War. North Vietnam continued to hold some Americans as prisoners long after the conflict was over. Since that time, not only do hostile countries no longer release prisoners when a conflict is over, but some nations have adopted a policy of holding non-military people in prison for often trumped up charges and it’s these prisoners that seem to garner more attention than the military personnel taken as prisoners.

Through all of the Americans taken as prisoners or hostages over the years, the United States had a firm policy of never paying any form of ransom for the release of American prisoners and hostages.

However, that all changed under the worst White house occupant ever in American history.

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On June 30, 2009, Army private Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan. Thinking he had been captured by enemy forces, a search and rescue party was sent out, resulting in the deaths of six of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers.

Over the next few years, intelligence gathered photos of Bergdahl with enemy combatants. He was seen playing soccer with his alleged captors and also taking rifle practice. It strongly appeared that Bergdahl was not a true prisoner but one of the gang.

Against all wisdom and policy, Barack HUSSEIN Obama paid a ransom for the release of Bergdahl by trading 5 top-ranking Taliban leaders held by the US. The 5 Taliban leaders promised to never take part in terrorist activity against the US, but some of them soon returned to their old ways.

Also, under the reign of Obama, Iran held some American hostages and once again, Obama paid a ransom for their release, a policy that puts every American abroad in harm’s way. In exchange for the release of the American hostages, Obama agreed to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran. He tried to justify paying the ransom by saying it was money owed to Iran from a settlement going back many years but within a very short after the money arrived in Iran, the American hostages were freed.

President Donald Trump, with the help of his new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, just secured the release of 3 Americans held prisoner by North Korea and they didn’t have to pay a dime of ransom money to secure their release.

In dealing with America’s enemies, Obama had a habit of rolling over and giving the enemy nations anything they wanted, including 20% of America’s uranium to Russia. On the other hand, Trump has taken a strong stand against America’s enemies and that strong stand appears to be leading to peace on the Korean Peninsula and the release of the three Americans held by North Korea. Trump’s strong stand against North Korea also has lead to an official ending of the hostilities between North and South Korea, which many consider as the official end of the Korean War which started in June 1950.

This the difference between a US President and a US Traitor!


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