Democrat Stupidity on Display in Midterm Elections

2018 is the most important midterm election of all time. The very economic, social and political future of America is on the line. If Republicans win, our nation will continue to grow stronger with an ever-improving economy, more Americans working than in many years and our military strength restored.

If Democrats win control of just one branch of Congress, all will be lost. President Trump’s agenda will be blocked. The economy will suffer and millions of Americans will once again be out of work and struggling to provide for their families.


They have already been displaying their stupidity in television commercials.

One commercial in our area supposedly depicts a man who says he is an accountant. He says that he thought the Republican tax cuts were good until he read through the bill. He points out that 83% of the tax cuts go to the top 1% of the wealthy and that most Americans will eventually end up paying more taxes.

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The ad is very misleading and meant to frighten people into voting for Democrats who want to repeal 83% of the tax cuts. The truth is that it isn’t going to the top 1% of the wealthy but most of it is going to corporations and businesses.

America’s economy is growing stronger than many economists predicted. One of the nation’s most respected economists just admitted that the boost to the economy is due to the tax cuts and Trump’s policies. He predicts this year’s GDP will be about 3.5%, the highest in years and that the economy will continue to grow at least through 2020.

So, what happens if Democrats take control and repeal the 83% of the tax cuts that go to the corporations and businesses?

Who employs most of the people in America? Corporations and businesses. Why is the unemployment the lowest it’s been in years? Because corporations and businesses have the tax cuts and have hired more workers, given bonuses and pay raises.

Take away that 83% of the tax cuts and you take away the ability of corporations and businesses to employ so many people. Consequently, more people lose their jobs and unemployment goes up. That means fewer people can afford to buy homes, cars, televisions, clothes and food.

Let me put it this way – simple math. If A + B = C and we know that A=83%, B=17%, then C must =100%. A is the tax cuts to the corporations and businesses. B is tax cuts to the working people and C equals the current economic growth that results from both A and B. Democrats want you to believe that if you subtract A and just leave B that you can still end up with C being 100% when there is no way that can be true.

To add to the mix, many Democrats are still pushing to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25. Forcing employers to more than double the wage they pay many workers will result in employees seeing their hours cut and losing their jobs.

Democrats want to remove the corporate tax cuts which will force many employers to cut employee hours and lay off employees and then on top of that, they want to force employers to the higher minimum wage which will also force employers to cur employee hours and lay off employees.

Now, they want B (17%) – D ($15 minimum wage) to still = 100% (growing national economy).

And Democrats think this is a good thing for the American people and the economy. Listening to them reminds me of a line popularized in the 1994 movie Forest Gump – ‘Stupid is as stupid does’.


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