Comey had Secret FBI Paid Leaker

The more we learn about former FBI Director James Comey, the more corrupt it seems he was, which should be no surprise since he was an Obama appointee. We know that he was privy to the in-house anti-Trump group as Strzok emails showed he kept Comey appraised so Comey could keep Obama appraised of what they were doing to destroy Donald Trump.

We also know that Comey intentionally leaked memos of his confidential communications with President Donald, to the media.

We are now learning that the person he used to leak info to who then leaked it to the media was Daniel Richman, a Columbia law professor who was secretly on the FBI payroll for at least 19 months.

(Fox News) – The Columbia law professor James Comey used as an intermediary to help leak details of sensitive memos worked as an FBI “special government employee” for at least 19 months – during which time he repeatedly defended the FBI director in media interviews amid the Hillary Clinton email probe.

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Fox News first reported last week that Daniel Richman was hired as a “special government employee,” or SGE. Records reviewed by Fox News now show he signed the agreement as early as June 30, 2015. The former director previously told Fox News that Richman left the FBI in February 2017, meaning he served there for well over a year.

Sources familiar with Richman’s FBI status said he was assigned to “special projects” by Comey, and had a security clearance as well as badge access to the building. Richman told Fox News in an email last week that he was working as an SGE on an unpaid basis…

Richman’s special government employee status basically had him ‘serving at the pleasure’ of then FBI Director James Comey. It seems that Comey leaked the memos to Richman who then leaked them to the media, including the New York Times. Richman regularly publicly offered defense of Comey and Comey’s actions.




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