CNN’s Cuomo Rude & Belligerent to World Leader

Chris Cuomo is the host of a program on CNN – the most liberal and anti-American network in the nation. He is also the brother to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is also a flaming anti-American socialist.

Chris Cuomo, interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his program and like so many other anti-American socialist reporters, he was rude, abusive, belligerent and antagonistic toward Netanyahu. He regularly interrupted the Prime Minister, would not let him speak and did not treat him with any sense of dignity or respect. Cuomo should be ashamed and thrown off the air.

(Breitbart) – CNN’s Chris Cuomo conducted a largely belligerent interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his New Day program on Tuesday in which the CNN host repeatedly interrupted and spoke over the Israeli leader, going so far as to confront Netanyahu about Israel’s suspected nuclear arsenal.

During the interview, Cuomo suggested that the international nuclear accord with Iran is “better than nothing” and charged that Netanyahu’s speech yesterday revealing a secretive Iranian nuclear weapons archive “has been described as an unusually theatrical display for you.”

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Yet Cuomo may have betrayed his own grasp of the subject matter when he tried to state the long form name for the international nuclear watchdog that reports to the United Nations, referring to the agency as “the IAEA, the International era – whatever.” …

Many modern so-called journalists and reporters these days are rude and very agenda driven just like Chris Cuomo. They aren’t interested in the real news or the truth if it goes against their America-hating agenda. The have left the realms of real journalism and have become nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces for America’s socialist party – aka the Democrats.




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