CNN Publishes Fake News on School Shootings

How many school shootings has there been so far this year, about 1 per week? If you believe CNN, there have already been 22 school shootings but when you look at the parameters they used to define school shooting, you’ll quickly discover that they included shootings that had nothing to do with students, accidental shootings, gang related shootings, dorm shootings and even shootings that happened in the parking lot by adults not associated with the schools.

This should not be that big of a surprise for CNN who is THE most liberal Trump-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating news network in all of America.

(The Daily Wire) – On Friday, CNN reported on the latest awful mass shooting at an American school – this time at the Santa Fe High School in Texas, where 8 people were murdered. According to CNN, one of these shootings has been happening at a school more than once per week:

Every shooting is an act of evil. But this statistic is plainly untrue. CNN used the following parameters for their count:

  • A shooting that involved at least one person being shot (not including the shooter)
  • A shooting that occurred on school grounds
  • We included grades K through college/university level
  • We included gang violence, fights and domestic violence
  • We included accidental discharge of a firearm as long as the first two parameters are met

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So, in other words, not mass shootings; not even purposeful shootings; not even shootings involving children. If a gang member shot another gang member on school grounds during the summer, this would count as a school shooting. If a wife shot a husband at a school, they counted it. So here are some of the 22 supposed shootings CNN counted:…

You have to remember that CNN adamantly defended the ultra-left violent organization known as Antifa when they caused violence in Charlottesville, Berkeley and other locations around the country. They defended Antifa’s protests and threats of violence to stop conservative speakers at public universities and other locations.




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