Clinton Says She Lost Because She’s a Capitalist Not a Socialist

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with a man who had a lot of personal dealings with both Bill and Hillary Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. This man told me tales that would make your hair curl or stand up on the back of your neck.

He spoke about how Hillary was actual the governor and often dictated to Bill what to do and say. She was extremely rude to everyone around her, including Bill, and she treated most people as if they were sub-human and beneath her dignity to even speak to.

Anyone who got her angry had to worry about their personal safety. Several people in Arkansas who crossed Hillary either mysteriously disappeared or died under questionable circumstances. Many people were afraid of her for that very reason. This man told me the same thing happened when Bill was in the White House and that some of her enemies still went missing or mysteriously died.

He also told me that Hillary was very delusional. She never accepted any blame for anything and constantly blamed everyone else for anything that went wrong or didn’t go the way she wanted. I asked if he thought she was a pathological liar – a person who believes their own lies the moment they are spoken and he emphatically said no, she wasn’t a pathological liar. Instead, he said she was an extremely dangerous psychopath and a delusional control-freak. He then told me that he would feel safer dealing with an organized crime boss than with Hillary.

When I met this man, he would not tell me his real name, only that he had to leave Arkansas for his and family’s safety.

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If you at all followed Hillary’s career from Arkansas’s First Lady to US First Lady to US Senator to presidential candidate, much of what we have seen and heard tends to verify much of what this man told me. Think about Seth Rich.

Ever since Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump, she has blames everyone and everything other than herself.

She recently appeared at the Shared Value Leadership Summit, where Hillary once again proved just how delusional she is. In response to a statement about her being a capitalist and asked it if it hurt her, Hillary stated:

“Probably, I mean, you know. It’s hard to know but if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41% of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists and I’m asked if you are a capitalist and I say yes but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability, you know, that probably gets lost in the ‘O my gosh she’s a capitalist.”

Hillary Clinton a capitalist and now blaming that on why she lost the election? She’s no more a capitalist than Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Bernie Sanders.

When Bill Clinton was president, it was Hillary who spoke out against America’s capitalist healthcare system and pushed then for a national socialistic healthcare system. If you listened to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it’s clearly obvious that she is as much of a socialist as Bernie Sanders and that most, if not all, of her policies were far more socialist than capitalist.

Clearly, the man I talked to was right in that she is a delusional psychopath and we can all be thankful that she wasn’t elected.


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