Chicago Sued Over Obama Library Bait and Switch

Presidential libraries have become the popular way to preserve the history of each president. They often include many of the president’s letters and other documents associated with his term in office. The libraries are generally located in a place close to the birth or political home of the president.

In the case of America’s worst president in history, Chicago was chosen to house his presidential library. Once a desired location was selected, there was a transfer of public park land to a private non-government organization that was going to build the library.

However, Obama changed his mind and decided that the Chicago location will NOT be the site of his official presidential library, which creates some legal issues with the transfer of the public park land, resulting in a lawsuit filed against Chicago and the Chicago Park District.

( – Yet another lawsuit has been filed against the so-called Barack Obama Presidential Library in Chicago. Why?

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Because it isn’t a library, it is destroying national parks that by law were supposed to remain untouched, was based on lies even to the local African American community, and has been approved through typical Chicago corruption. Sounds like Obama, doesn’t it?

The new federal lawsuit was filed on Monday by public parks activists against the city of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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Among the reasons cited in the lawsuit to support the request for a court order:

  • An “institutional bait and switch.” The original purpose of the transfer of public park land to the Foundation – a private non-government entity – was to house an official federal Obama Federal Library. However, that purpose no longer exists. Obama decided his center will not include his official presidential library. The federal National Records and Archives Administration will run it from someplace else…

This is only fitting since so many of the things that Barack Obama did while in office were illegal. He has the legacy of not only being America’s most corrupt and dishonest leader but he did more destruction to America than anyone prior to him. Obeying laws and the Constitution were not important to Obama and that still seems to be the case with his alleged library.




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