Charter School Mural Depicts Trump’s Severed Head

Chula Vista, California is the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area. The city is located due south of San Diego and stretches to within about 2 miles from the Mexican border, which explains why nearly 60% of the population of about 250,000 are Hispanic-Latino.

I’ve been to Chula Vista and large parts of the city reminded me of communities I’ve seen in Mexico that were covered with graffiti, trashy looking yards in front of unkempt homes. Attending graduate school in the San Diego area, I was often warned not to travel or spend much time in Chula Vista because of the crime, drugs and overall danger to gringos. It is also home to many illegal aliens and a destination for illegal human and drug trafficking. I’m not trying to sound racist, only telling the truth of what I saw and was told by a number of the local residents.

Knowing what I do about Chula Vista, it’s no surprise to see the following news that emanates from this bastion of anti-Trump Democrats.

The news starts with the MAAC Charter School in Chula Vista. According to the school’s website:

“MAAC Community Charter School was established in 2001 in response to the increasing need for a supportive, alternative learning environment to help struggling students gain self-confidence, embrace learning and earn a high school diploma.”

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“MAAC Community Charter School (MCCS) offers students a unique curriculum in which they learn traditional subjects in relation to real-world issues. Our community-based approach is grounded in the theory of Critical Pedagogy and encourages an atmosphere in which academic progress is expected and diversity is embraced. Chartered by Sweetwater Union High School District, MCCS is open to students 14 – 24 years old and provides the same core education classes offered at district high schools. Four ‘Career Pathway’ tracts provide students with a baseline knowledge and skill set in the areas of multimedia, healthcare, business and entrepreneurship, and theatre arts.”

“Today, MCCS serves over 300 students at its lively Chula Vista campus.”

In other words, most of the students attending the MAAC Community Charter School are Hispanics (who knows how many are legal or illegal) who are not capable of handling the public-school system in the area, which isn’t saying much these days. And the ‘real-world issues’ the school is teaching have been made evident in a mural painted on an outside wall of the school.

The mural depicts an Aztec warrior thrusting a spear through the bloody severed head of President Donald Trump. The school administrators seem to have no problem with the politically offensive mural but many parents and residents of the community believe the mural is far too graphic and highly inappropriate.

Only after a lot of community outrage over the mural, school administrators did cover the mural with a large tarp and then they have asked the artist to ‘modify’ the mural to make it less offensive and graphic.

Because school officials did not react to the mural until after they received numerous complaints, it testifies to what they are teaching their students and proves that the school has a strong anti-Trump and anti-American agenda with which they are using to help brainwash their students.




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