Call for Second Special Counsel to Investigate DOJ/FBI

Over the past few months, there has been a plethora of evidence that clearly demonstrates a LOT of unethical and illegal activity within the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation. They were involved in helping to cover up and lessen the implications of Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco and they have been actively involved in a campaign to target and undermine President Donald Trump. Under the leadership of Obama, Comey and Brennan, the DOJ and FBI began trying to destroy Trump while he was still candidate.

There is a growing call for a second special counsel to investigate the DOJ and FBI and the many accusations of misconduct that have been made against them.

(Wayne Dupree) – You naysayers out there think this is a partisan idea but this is perhaps the best decision House Republicans have made in a long time.

The old quote says a house divided against itself cannot stand and in this case, a house that investigates itself will never find out the truth.

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The DOJ and FBI did some real shady things under the Barack Obama administration, and if the truth ever came out and we had prosecutors who believed in the law and were willing to uphold serving justice, America would be a much better place. These days, we have ceremonial representatives who play kabuki theater for the television tubs and their constituents back home.

Hopefully, this is not the case. I find it very important that we hire a 2nd special counsel that will be independent of the FBI and DOJ and someone who is not a brand name but can be trusted to get the job done like the Inspector General has been doing about the Hillary Clinton/Anthony Weiner investigation…

Normally, the DOJ and/or the FBI would be involved in such investigations, however they cannot properly investigate themselves, even though Obama had tried that maneuver when Holder was Attorney General and tasked with investigating himself for allegations of wrong doing. Normally, the DOJ appoints a special counsel but in this case, it should be up to Congress or someone other than the DOJ to make the appointment so we don’t get another anti-Trump Mueller.




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