California Dem Wants Communist Holiday for Schools

For the past decade, many conservatives including myself, have been saying that the Democratic Party has become a purely socialist political party with socialist agendas.

Take a close look at most of the policies of Barack Obama and you will see that they are socialist through and through. He pushed for wealth equality and redistribution of wealth – both socialist ideologies.

It needs to be noted here that the Obama’s more than doubled their wealth while squatting in the White House and you don’t see anything from them about redistributing their wealth with others. That’s because most socialist leaders hoard their own while insisting that others have their wealth taken away and given to those less fortunate.

Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist who became a Democrat in order to improve his chances of running for the presidency.

Most of Hillary Clinton’s policies, as those of her husband Bill, were socialist in nature.

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It’s these policies over the 8 years of Obama’s reign that plunged America into much of the mess we are in today.

Only a couple of decades ago, socialism and communism would never be accepted here in America by so many but they have managed to whitewash it, giving it a new look in order to sell it better to the American people, many of which were dumbed down and brainwashed by the socialist run public-education system.

Since many Americans openly reject socialism, Democrats also do their best to disguise it by using ‘politically correct’ terms. A prime example is ‘social justice’. While many Americans reject socialism, they like the sound of the term ‘social justice’ but fail to realize that it’s the same thing as socialism.

No that long ago, a survey revealed that 44% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism, demonstrating just how successful the schools and colleges have been in brainwashing them.

With the help of Democrats like Obama, Clinton and Sanders, socialism can now be more open and that’s what one California Democrat has been banking on.

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago introduced a bill into the California Assembly (equivalent to their House of Representatives) that would have designated May 1 every year as International Workers’ Day. The holiday would be observed by public schools and other state associated operations.

May 1 is the day that many celebrate the day that communists took control over the former Soviet Union. The day is observed as a holiday in Russia, China and Cuba.

In order to make room for another holiday, Santiago’s bill called for combining Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays into one day, much like the federal holidays did to accommodate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Had anyone pushed a bill like this 15-20 years ago, it would have been the end of their political career.

However, that’s not the case for Santiago. His bill was defeated but narrowly with a 22-27 vote. He plans on re-introducing the bill in the next Legislative session in hopes it will pick up a few more votes, enough to help it pass.

When things like this are happening in the governments of our nation, it’s a clear sign that America is definitely decaying from within. We don’t need to worry about another nation destroying us because we are well on our way towards our own self-destruction and we owe most of it to the Democrats.


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