Boy Scouts to Emasculate Name & Program

When I was a boy, I couldn’t wait to be a boy scout. I started in Cub Scouts and then finally made it to the Boy Scouts and on the Explorer Scouts. The weekend campouts and summer camps were the highlight form most of us boys.

That is all changing. First the Boy Scouts allowed homosexuals to invade the once conservative Christian organization and now they are further adapting to a perverted worldview.

Boy Scouts of America is about to be emasculated with a renaming to Scouts of America due to the fact that they are going to allow girls and gender confused kids to join their ranks.

( –  I really hate to admit that this has been a long time coming, but it undoubtedly has in this world of rampant equalization over equality, spurred by an amalgam of competing liberal narratives.

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In America, you can be whatever you want to be, right?  I mean, the “pursuit of happiness” is completely ingrained in our DNA.  We literally guaranteed ourselves the right to be happy.  No one else really gets to say that.  One could easily argue that the Founding Fathers created “the party nation”…say whatever you want, do what makes you happy, tell the Monarchy to take a hike.  Not going to lie; the whole concept was a very much the 1770’s equivalent of punk rock.

And in this pursuit of happiness, we have seen a great number of converging and diverging interests in our nation, specifically as it pertains to cultural and gender-based norms.  As the women’s rights movement came to the forefront to challenge the “men” in “all men are created equal”, the nation came to realize that the modern world was changing the dynamic of what we believed 200-some years ago…

There was already a mass exodus from the Boy Scouts when they opened their doors to homosexuals but that exodus may be nothing compared to the one they are about to have. Think about it, how many parents want their daughters or sons on overnight or week-long campouts with members of the opposite sex? That’s why two separate organizations were started in the first place. Every parent of a Boy Scout should find another program for their sons as the only thing that will show BSA that they made a grave error is hurt them financially.




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