Black American Blames Obama & Clinton for Fueling Racism

In 2008, a wet behind the ears half black and half white politician burst onto the national scene with little to no leadership experience. He had only been a state senator for 7 years and US senator for only 3 years when he launched an improbable campaign for the White House. Against all odds, this upstart had only two things going for him.

One, although he was half white, he had the appearance of being a black American. Although he stated many times during his campaign that his run for the White House had nothing to do with race, he lied because he relied on his black heritage and appearance to win the vote.

Two, he was a socialist who obtained the backing and support of some very wealthy socialists including George Soros, who used their fortunes to help purchase a White House victory.

During his campaign, Barack Hussein Obama promised black Americans that he would make life better for them. He would help them get jobs and educations, reduce the number of blacks being sent to prisons and he would work to reduce the violence.

His 2008 opponent, Hillary Clinton, had no choice but to make the same promises to help black Americans.

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After 4 years, it was apparent that Obama had failed to keep any of his promises to black Americans. He didn’t help them get educations. He didn’t help get them jobs. He didn’t help reduce the violence.

In fact, what Obama did do for black Americans was fuel their racist anger. He helped them feel that America owed them everything and they had every right to take what they felt they were owed.

As for Clinton, as Secretary of State, she appeared to fully support Obama and she repeated his racist rhetoric, helping to fuel the racist divisions that were tearing America apart.

In 2012, Obama again promised to help black America but all he did was continue to spur their anger and hatred. Half of America saw what was happening but the mainstream media had bought into all of Obama’s lies that they refused to see what he, and Clinton were doing to the nation. They continued to blame Republicans, conservatives and most of white America for all of the hate and racism created by Obama and Clinton.

Whenever a black American tried to stand up and say anything about what Obama was doing, that person was instantly called names like Uncle Tom. They were publicly ridiculed and the mainstream media and Democrats did their best to destroy their lives. One of those was Dr Ben Carson who tried to run for the White House as a black Republican, only to have every aspect of his life paraded before the nation solely for the purpose of trying to destroy him.

So, what will Democrats and the mainstream do to destroy Candice Owen?

Who is she?

Candice Owen is a black American who not only is a conservative but she also is a speaker, blogger and commentator. She serves as the Communications Director for Turning Point USA and she just made a lot of liberals angry after her appearance on Fox & Friends.

Among her comments were:

“It’s been so black and white – the conversation – and I blame Obama. His eight years in office did a lot of damage in terms of race relations in this country.”

“Hillary didn’t help much when she kept calling everybody racist and sexist – so the language has changed and the rhetoric has changed.”

Owen also condemned Republicans, saying:

“I think Republicans – I hate to speak in terms of Democrats and Republicans, but particularly regarding Republicans – they really gave up on blacks,” Owens contended on Fox’s show, according to the Daily Mail. “They said, ‘Okay, 93 percent of you are voting for Democrats,’ so they didn’t really embrace the black community.”

“When I met with some of them [Republicans], it was like an uphill battle. I was like, ‘This can be done.’ And I think they were just kind of feeling sort of defeated after seeing the numbers for so many years.”

Owen is right in that so many Republicans gave up on black Americans believing that the vast majority of them were automatically voting Democrat. What Republicans need to do is to listen to black Americans and actively address their needs, unlike what Obama failed to do they need to point out Obama’s lies and then tap into black conservatives like Owen and Kanye West and win over the black vote.


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