Backlash Against Leftist Hysteria is Here Says Author

Bret Easton Ellis is an acclaimed author of a couple of popular novels. He’s not known as a political expert or commentator but due to his experience here in America, he believes that a backlash against the ‘leftist hysteria’ that has been rampant in Hollywood is here and that it will drastically impact the entertainment world along with the rest of America.

His prediction could be coming to fruition with what happened with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and other in Hollywood. The traditions of things like casting couches and giving into the film moguls in order to advance a career are over and things they are a changing. If only it would lead to the end of Hollywood’s obsession with perversion, vulgarity and shock.

( – Bret Easton Ellis, the author of the acclaimed thriller American Psycho, has for sometime warned that a backlash against Hollywood’s “leftist hysteria” is about to wash over Tinsel Town, and recent events m[a]y just be proving him right.

Ellis burst on the literary scene in 1985 with his bestseller, Less Than Zero, a story of self-destruction, cultural alienation, drug abuse, apathy, and discovery of a young man returning home from college. Ellis then followed that with the acclaimed American Psycho, a darkly comic story skewering the world of high finance mixed with the career of a wild serial killer.

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Several of Ellis’ books have become movies and he has also written for television. His American Psycho, for instance, was turned into a film starting Christian Bale. It has since become a cult classic.

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Much of Ellis’ work is critical of American consumerism and society and he has also described himself variously as gay, bisexual, and heterosexual. He is far from your average cultural conservative. So, his warning to liberal Hollywood that its obscene liberal “hysteria” is on the verge of creating a backlash that could upend La La Land is a warning worth heeding, even by liberals…

It’s time for conservative America to launch a backlash not only against the leftist hysteria in Hollywood but the same leftist hysteria in the media, business and politics. If conservative America stood up and made their voices heard, we could take America back and move towards restoring the nation we’ve been losing to the leftist hysteria.




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