American Civil War #2 Coming Soon?

During the reign of King Obama I, many conservatives talked about the need for another American civil war. Now, militant leftists are raising the issue of a second civil war against Donald Trump and Republicans.

In reality, we don’t need a second civil war as much as we need a second Revolutionary War. That was the war when the American colonists said they had enough of the tyrannical rule of the British crown. Under Obama, we saw a huge return to the same type of tyrannical rule, which would have been furthered along under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

One way or another, the divide between liberals and conservatives continues to widen regardless of who is in control. The same kind of division led to the fall of the former Soviet Union and sees destined to lead to the fall of the United States. The question is – how soon will it take place?

(PJ Media) – With all the talk of a new Civil War in the air, this piece in the far-left New Yorker, which originally ran in August 2017 in the wake of Charlottesville, is worth revisiting on this Memorial Day weekend. The New Yorker seems these days to be written entirely by spoiled children and mouthpieces for the Central Intelligence Agency, but it is a reliable barometer of the increasingly lunatic preoccupations of the seething Left, and it behooves us to keep an eye on it. So let’s take a short trip in the Wayback Machine and have a look:

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Just to prove it’s on the side of the angels, look whom the magazine quotes in the very first paragraph:

A day after the brawling and racist brutality and deaths in Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe asked, “How did we get to this place?” The more relevant question after Charlottesville—and other deadly episodes in Ferguson, Charleston, Dallas, St. Paul, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria—is where the United States is headed. How fragile is the Union, our republic, and a country that has long been considered the world’s most stable democracy? The dangers are now bigger than the collective episodes of violence. “The radical right was more successful in entering the political mainstream last year than in half a century,” the Southern Poverty Law Center  reported in February. The organization documents more than nine hundred active (and growing) hate groups in the United States…

I’ve often wondered why I was born at this time in history and it seems that it was so that I would witness the collapse of a free and great America. Obama worked hard during his 8 years in office to bring out this internal collapse and many leftist Democrats have taken up his example and are trying their best to bring America down to its knees.




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