Amazon Continues Silicon Valley’s War on Conservatives

What many people may not realize is that it costs money to run any website, especially those with any current content or marketing. Many of these websites bring in needed operating revenue by posting on social media platforms like Facebook or being part of a larger site’s business opportunities.

One of those is larger businesses is Amazon. Earlier this year, a website known as Amazon Associates resolved an issue with Amazon and have the documentation to prove it. However, the owner of the Amazon Associates was just notified by Amazon that his account has been terminated, his website shutdown and Amazon is holding any revenue they had earned to date and Amazon said the decision is final with no appeal.

( – It is well understood that the liberal left who inhabit our nation’s technological corridor known as Silicon Valley are not fans of the current administration, but is it due to their intelligence, or something else?

As we have always seen with society, with age comes conservatism, and that makes perfect sense.  As a young person, and often through the first decade of adulthood, you have the safety net of your family to keep you from becoming homeless or destitute.  As a child, you are virtually living in a socialist world where your parents spread their wealth around the home to buy you brightly colored plastic pieces that simply arouse your imagination.

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Then you get that first student loan bill and you start thinking a little less about who is going to help me, and more about how I’m going to help myself.  This almost always lends itself to the conservative mindset, especially fiscally, and the risk-versus-reward ratio begins to get tipped in the direction of responsibility…

Amazon, like Facebook and Google are run by far-left liberals who are using their websites to silence and shutdown as many conservative websites as possible. They care nothing about the First Amendment rights of free speech and the only people they listen to are other sniveling liberals who claim to be offended by every conservative posting.




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