Allegations of Bribes & Kickbacks Swirling Around Iran Nuke Deal

Back in 2015, a mere three years ago, most of the world and many American political and international experts were warning that the nuclear deal that Barack Obama and then Secretary of State John Kerry were pushing so hard for, was a really bad deal. However, Obama and Kerry ignored the majority of advice and went through with the deal.

When it became apparent that President Donald Trump was going to have the US pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, Kerry leapt into action in a desperate and illegal attempt to keep the deal.

Now there are allegations swirling around the Iran nuclear deal that the original deal involved bribery and kickbacks and the list of those involved include, Obama, Kerry, George Soros, Clinton Foundation and some European leaders (Macron Merkel have been mentioned).

(IWB) – Iran is threatening to release the names of Western officials who took bribe money to pass the Iran Nuke Deal.  I am not surprised, as an investigator I follow by the name of George Webb spoke about this in one of his latest videos.

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No wonder John Kerry has been working overtime to save the Iran Nuclear Deal.  This is the most corrupt scheme in government history. Those who took kickbacks to pass this Deal should be arrested and charged.  Is this not called “treason?”

They played politics with a fragile world on the brink of nuclear war.  It is sad that when it comes down to the bottom line, money is the end all for politicians.

President Trump must be on the trail of this deception.  I am sure he knew of this when he decided to withdraw from the flawed Deal…

Considering that there was bribery and money laundering involved in the Uranium One deal, which also involved Obama and the Clinton Foundation, it’s not that surprising to see these types of allegations coming to light. If only there would be a special counsel investigation into these allegations along with the Uranium One Deal. They could take the Democrats down for good.




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