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In his desire to destroy everything good, wholesome, moral and patriotic in America, Barack Obama waged a war against many traditional values, most of which were based on biblical teaching and principals. In his war against the nation, Obama directed a number of his attacks directly at Christians in the workplace, in the schools, in the universities, and especially in the military.

During Obama’s first term in office, he openly promoted some anti-religious ideologies and warned military chaplains that they needed to ignore their faith and comply or they could face disciplinary measures up to and including being court martialed and dishonorably discharged from the military.

One Navy Chaplain, Gordon Klingenschmitt, was caught up in the attacks. After the Catholic church had issued a letter to all chaplains, the military issued a statement that ordered chaplains to not read the letter out loud in its entirety or else, Klingenschmitt stated:

“The secretary of the Army said you have to line out some of the language, or else we’re going to charge the chaplains with sedition and treason for opposing the Obama administration. Can you believe this? They are actually threatening chaplains with court-martial if they dare to preach against sin in their own church.”

Then Klingenschmitt did the unthinkable and prayed out loud in public in the name of Jesus while wearing his Navy uniform. He ended up being forced to resign his commission in the Navy.

In 2010, Lackland Air Force, most known as the Air Force’s basic training, was merged with Randolph Air Force Base and the Army’s Fort Sam Houston. It is home not only to the Basic Military Training unit, but it also encompasses a number of other units and training facilities.

Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk was stationed at Lackland Air Force and had a spotless record for his 19 years of service to his country that is until his commander asked him a personal question. The commander was talking with Monk about her upcoming promotion ceremony and mentioned that she thought the chaplain who was scheduled to deliver the benediction was a bigot. She told Monk that it was because the chaplain preached that homosexuality was a sin.

According to Monk, he objected to the commander’s statement about the chaplain. She then asked him for his personal views on homosexuality and commanded him to answer honestly. When he stated that in accordance with his Christian belief that homosexuality was a sin, his commander immediately relieved him of his position. The removal from his position cost Sgt. Monk a commendation he had previously been recommended for, along with cancelling orders for his reassignment.

In 2015, Captain Joe Lawhorn was not just an Army Ranger, he was also a military chaplain. Part of his duty as chaplain was to conduct suicide prevention classes for military personnel. On November 20, he was teaching such a class for the 5th Ranger Training Battalion at the University of North Georgia.

During the class, he shared his own battle with depression which can often lead to thoughts of suicide. Lawhorn told the class that following the example of King David in the Bible helped him conquer his own depression while serving as a Ranger. He then handed out a sheet that had a number of helpful resources that included some biblical references.

After the class, Col. David Fivecoat, Commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Ft. Benning, Georgia called Lawhorn into his office and gave him a written Letter of Concern about using Scripture and advocating one system of beliefs over another.

Earlier this month, I heard that Air Force Col. Leland Bohannon had been charged with discrimination when he refused to sign a proclamation for the same-sex partner of a retiring master sergeant. After refusing to sign the proclamation, Bohannon did get a 2-star general to sign it, but that wasn’t good enough for the retiring master sergeant who filed a complaint against the colonel.

Bohannon is a decorated combat pilot and has a stellar career in the Air Force and thanks to President Donald Trump, that career should be allowed to continue and should remain unblemished.

A year ago, Trump signed an executive order that the government honors and respects the constitutional rights of Americans and that they are free to exercise those rights, including the right of religious freedom.

Based on Trump’s executive order, Col. Bohannon was cleared of any wrongdoing and he will be allowed to proudly continue serving and protecting the country he loves.



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