Trump Making Courts Great Again

Early on in Donald Trump’s political campaign, he took the slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’. He was mocked by Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the mainstream media. They tried to convince the American people that Trump would make America worse and that only Hillary would make America better, which we all know was the complete opposite of reality.

America is becoming greater than it was under Obama. The economy is improving, unemployment has dropped way down with more people working than when Obama was in office.

Democrats vowed to fight Trump qt every possible corner but it seems that he has been busy getting a number of judges nominated and approved, which is also making America’s judiciary great again.

( – One of President Donald Trump’s most important successes so far in his presidency is his amazing achievement in the federal courts.

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Thus far, Donald Trump has put more conservative judges on the bench than any president in history, and this is his most important achievement of all because it will wipe out a lot of liberal influence on the bench for generations to come. For a man who didn’t really have any hard and fast ideological opinions before stepping into the Oval Office, his effort putting conservative-minded judges to work in our courts is simply astounding.

Trumps started his work on the courts by emplacing Neil Gorsuch on the highest court in the land. And, according to a dour CNN, Gorsuch is delivering as Trump’s promised conservative on the U.S. Supreme Court.

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From his first day on the bench when he dominated oral arguments, to Monday, when he wrote a dissent in a case related to gay marriage, joined his conservative colleagues in a fiery response to the travel ban case and possibly provided the necessary fourth vote for the court to hear a major religious liberty case, Gorsuch has broken the mold…

Obama was able to place over 300 liberal judges in various federal court positions, many of whom have been ruling more on their liberal agenda than on the rule of law. The more conservative judges Trump get in the courts, the better the chances Americans have of seeing their legal cases ruled on the basis of law and not on liberal agenda.




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