Today’s Congress and the Hypocrisy of Democracy

How many times have you heard politicians, media personnel, newspaper reporters and even teachers use the term democracy to describe America? It’s one of the most used terms to describe America.

After the 2016 election results poured in, Hilary Clinton claimed that the results were threatening our democracy. The term is also being used by the Democratic National Committee as they file a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Wikileaks and Russia for allegedly colluding to interfere in the 2016 election and purposely targeting Clinton’s campaign.

[NOTE: Virtually every political candidate targets and smears the campaign of his or her rival. Currently, on our local television, there have been numerous commercials smearing both of the two leading Republican candidates for Ohio governor. Besides, didn’t Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee intentionally try to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign by being involved in the infamous Steele dossier? Sounds like the DNC is the guilty party making a desperate attempt to keep from going belly up due to their huge debts.]

We’ve heard similar statements from a number of Democrats and sadly, even from a number of Republicans. The media slings the term around as often as the American people pull into their favorite fast food restaurant.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both the epitome of what a democracy really is, which is not what America was founded to be.

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On House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) posted on her website:

“Our democracy survives – and thrives – only when its doors are opened to every citizen, regardless of race.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated:

“Part of being American is recognizing the importance of giving a voice to all Americans to participate in our democracy.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell once stated on the Senate floor:

“Today’s Democrat Party seems willing to go to any extreme to protect the kind of executive overreach President Obama once described as ‘not how our democracy functions’ — even to block Homeland Security funding to get its way.”

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Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt (another socialist in Democrat disguise) also used the term democracy freely to describe America:

Democracy, the practice of self-government, is a covenant among free men to respect the rights and liberties of their fellows.”

“Where freedom of religion has been attacked, the attack has come from sources opposed to democracy.  Where democracy has been overthrown, the spirit of free worship has disappeared.  And where religion and democracy have vanished, good faith and reason in international affairs have given way to strident ambition and brute force.”

Our Founding Fathers and early leaders knew and understood what the term democracy meant and that America was not a democracy but a republic. Former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall stated:

“Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”

Former President James Madison, also known as the Father of the US Constitution, also knew the that America was not a democracy, when he stated:

“Democracy was the right of the people to choose their own tyrant.”

Years ago, I served on a committee with a number of state politicians and had the honor and privilege of sitting close to former Sen. Barry Goldwater. One day when someone referred to America as a democracy, Goldwater slammed his fist on the table and said that America is not a democracy, rather it is a republic. The poor gentleman, a state politician, asked what’s the difference? Goldwater told him a republic is run by the will of the people and that everyone is subject to the same laws, same status and same rights as everyone else. And a republic defends the rights of the people given to them by Almighty God. A democracy is run by a group of bureaucrats who assume the role of God, disperse rights to the people and who believe that they are privileged and above the law that governs the common folk.

America was established to be a republic where they elected someone to represent them in Congress but who would listen and do the will of the people. The Founders wanted to prevent any form of dictatorship like the many monarchies that exited in Europe at the time. They wanted the nation to be run by the people, not a band of a privileged few. Until modern politicians understand and live by the foundational principle of American government, we will all continue to be the slaves of the government.



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