Taxpayers Paying for Planned Parenthood’s $30 Million Support of Midterm Campaigns

For the umpteenth year in a row, Planned Parenthood is receiving over $500 million of taxpayer money to keep them operational and so they can continue their first-degree murdering of thousands of innocent lives.

It’s now being revealed that Planned Parenthood is planning on spending around $30 million to support pro-murder candidates in this year’s mid-term elections. It seems that most of the money is going to help anti-life Democrats running for the US Senate and state governorships.

I’m not a campaign finance expert but am curious if it is even legal for Planned Parenthood to contribute to the political campaigns after receiving taxpayer money. It seems there is an ethics question at least.

(New American) – Planned Parenthood is once again proving its hunger for powerful allies in government positions. GOP control of the Senate is narrow, and with the upcoming Senate races, the power balance could tip in favor of Democrat, pro-abortion advocates. Planned Parenthood knows this, of course, and will be pouring a reported $30 million into abortion advocacy through its political arm. This money will be spent on Senate and gubernatorial races in a number of states, including Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and will be used to fund TV and digital ads, direct-mail campaigns, and even advocacy in the public square.

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It is appalling that an organization that receives taxpayer money from the government is spending $30 million to directly influence state and federal elections. Planned Parenthood ostensibly follows the law regarding this situation since the money is funneled through the affiliated Planned Parenthood Votes before lining the pockets of politicians. At any rate, the IRS has never been known to give the abortion provider trouble the likes of how it specifically targeted conservative political activist organizations by withholding tax-exempt status…

If Planned Parenthood can afford to pay out $30 million for political campaigns, then why do they need so much in federal funding? Taxpayers should be outraged at the thought that some of their hard-earned tax dollars are not just being used to murder babies, but also used to support the campaigns of those who favor killing babies.




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