Report Verifies that Broward County Deputies were Cowards During School Shooting

Shortly after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it was reported that a Broward County deputy assigned to the school had taken up position outside the building but did not enter while the shooting was taking place. Later reports suggested that up to four deputies were outside the building before the shooting ended but none had entered the building.

A newly released report from Coral Springs Officer Bryan Wilkins verifies that when he arrived, four county sheriff’s deputies’ vehicles were on the scene but none of the deputies had dared to enter the building to stop the shooting. They told Wilkins that the shooting was taking place on the third floor as he entered the building to engage the shooter.

(Fox News) – The deputies who were among the first to arrive to the scene of the Florida school massacre were found cowering behind their cars and a nearby tree and had no idea where the gunman was, according to an official report released Tuesday.

The report from Coral Springs Officer Bryan Wilkins details how he arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School within minutes of the active shooter alert — only to find Broward County Sheriff’s Officers hadn’t entered the school, but were instead taking cover.

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“I saw approximately four Broward County Sheriff’s Office vehicles parked in the west bound lane with their personnel taking up exterior positions behind their vehicles,” Wilkins wrote. “I drove up just west of the campus building 1200, exited my vehicle, grabbed my AR-15 rifle and donned on my tactical/medical gear. As I was advancing on foot through the chain-link fence, I was advised by an unknown BSO Deputy taking cover behind a tree, ‘he is on the third floor.'” …

Anti-gun fanatics continue to argue that teachers and staff should not be allowed to be armed at school and that responding to an active shooter should be left to law enforcement. However, what happened in this case shows that you can’t always count on law enforcement to respond properly or in a timely manner. Had there been 1 or 2 teachers in the building that were armed and trained, there is a better chance that the shooter could have been stopped sooner, saving the lives of some of the students.




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