Obamacare Losing Popularity and Participants

Once again, we come to a topic of which the mainstream media is not giving the American people an accurate report. According to them, Obamacare is alive, thriving and still growing in popularity among the American people. Don’t forget that these are the same news agencies that guaranteed Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 and that the Trump tax cuts would not help the economy, create jobs or help the American people. Naturally, Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 and every indicator so far says that the tax cuts have helped spur the economy, have created more jobs and is putting more money in the pockets of the American people. I for one can testify that thanks to the tax cuts, I have close to $500 a month more in net income than I used to have and like many families, that’s huge on a limited income and budget.

As for their reports on Obamacare, they want the people to think that enrollment this year was great and that millions of Americans are finding healthcare insurance who could not have afforded it in the past.

They tout the enrollment figure of about 11.8 million earlier this year, compared to 12.7 million for 2016, the highest enrollment of any year.

Don’t forget that all pre-passage of the Affordable Care Act enrollment projections, including the prediction of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was around 26 million or more. Since 2016 saw the peak enrollment of 12.7, that is less than half of the original predictions.

The liberal media and Democrats point out that funding for advertising for the enrollment period was slashed and that the length of the open enrollment period was cut in half as evidence that Obamacare is still doing well.

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What they aren’t telling you is that the vast majority of enrollees receive federal subsidies to help pay for their premiums. The end result is that the average Obamacare premium is only about $89 a month, meaning that taxpayers are paying the bulk of the premiums for these enrollees.

The foundation upon which Obamacare was built was that more younger and healthier people would enroll and their premium payments would help offset the costs of those who are older and less healthy but that is not what has happened with Obamacare. In fact, the opposite is true. Fewer younger and healthier people have enrolled and instead, it’s the more costly people who have enrolled.

As premiums continue to skyrocket higher and higher, millions of people have opted out of Obamacare. They are turning to self-pay at the doctors’ offices. The tax cuts are credited with some of these people who have decided to pay as they go. The elimination of the tax penalty for not having health insurance is also being credited for more people opting to pay as they go.

Another continuing failure of Obamacare the media isn’t reporting is that as premiums have steadily gone higher and higher, the coverage provided in Obamacare policies have steadily become less and less. Additionally, fewer doctors are accepting many of the Obamacare plans, largely because they don’t get paid as much for their services.

Hadley Heath Manning, Director of Policy at the Independent Women’s Forum commented about Obamacare, saying:

“Some people have left the so-called Affordable Care Act exchanges and they’ve gone to find healthcare-sharing ministries, or they’ve gone to find direct primary care practices where they can pay directly for the healthcare they consume, and really, the enrollment figures under the Affordable Care Act have never lived up to the initial expectations – so I don’t think it’s a fair assertion to say that Americans are excited about it.”

“We know the ACA plans don’t come with as robust network coverage; [that is], they aren’t as accepted by as many providers, and I would say the majority of people who have new insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act were actually enrolled through Medicaid rather than through one of the private plans at $89 a month.”

Barack Obama’s flagship legislation, the Affordable Care Act, started sinking before it ever left the dock and has been steadily sinking ever since. Efforts to save the program are like trying to bail the water from a sinking ship with a small bucket. Eventually, the program will slip below the waves and disappear into the depths of oblivion.

The best thing that can be done by Congress to sink the Obamacare ship by just repealing the Affordable Care Act now and let America’s free enterprise system resume control. Canada, Great Britain and Venezuela have all proven that a nationalize healthcare system doesn’t work. It’s too expensive. The principle sounds great, but to provide any kind of viable national healthcare system here in the United States would require more than doubling personal and corporate taxes, so where is the gain in that?



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